Why Sweden

A unique combination of clean energy, excellent business climate and low cost

It is no surprise that Sweden is emerging as a leader in clean energy, digitalisation, and world class business infrastructure. There are several reasons for you to consider investing in Sweden.

Sweden ranked best in Europe
A European comparison

Investing in Sweden

Clean energy, low carbon emissions and low energy prices make Sweden an excellent business case compared to other regions.

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A surplus of renewable energy at low cost - future proof your P&L

  • Attractive pricing - Sweden has among the lowest energy prices in Europe with predictions of remaining that way.
  • Excellent grid systems - Development in energy intensive industries has resulted in an extremely robust grid network with great redundancy. Mission critical is business as usual.
  • Fossil Free Energy - An energy mix based on renewable power sources such as hydropower and wind, with a CO2 footprint close to zero, for a long term competitive advantage along with environmental credibility. 

Excellent connectivity in Sweden - and beyond

  • Global and regional connections - Sweden is a highly connected country serving as a hub with multiple sea cables, as well as excellent fiber networks throughout the country.
  • High speed investment - Government strategy has delivered high speed fiber capacity to all households and businesses. Almost 100% of homes have access to 100 Mbit/s or more.
  • The #1 Internet backbone - Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier), the Swedish telecommunications company, operates AS1299, a global internet backbone ranked #1 in the world since 2017. AS1299 customers account for nearly 65% of all global internet routes.

Good access to workforce with industry specific skills

  • The right people - Good access to skilled labour with experience in mission critical industries as well as today’s fast growing digital sectors.
  • Global players - Major investments from Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, Amazon and Google mean that an experienced workforce and relevant skillsets are in place and expanding.
  • Culture of cooperation - Sweden has excellent functioning labour markets with very good cooperation and respect between businesses, unions and authorities.

A stable industrial economy with a high level of innovation

  • A perfect combination - Excellent business conditions, educational system and international outlook has meant that Sweden hosts multiple unicorns and Europe’s most interesting startup scene.
  • A history of success - One of the most innovative economies in the world and has been so for over 100 years. ABB, Ericsson, IKEA, Spotify and Klarna all started here before going global.
  • A culture of trust -  Autonomous authorities with high integrity and low corruption. Permitting processes in Sweden are known for their high standards and legal certainty.

Faster time to market and competitive commercial landscape

  • Faster ROI - Short time to market with many sites that are ready to build with permits already in place.
  • Transparent permitting - Authorities want to help companies obtain permits rather than working against them. Once a permit is given, it cannot be revoked without a valid reason.
  • A logical choice - Very competitive land prices with the Swedish currency particularly attractive from the perspective of investing with dollars or euros.