Sweden named the best place in Europe for datacenter investments

In the newly released report, The Arcadis Data Center Location Index 2021, the global consultancy agency Arcadis names Sweden the best place in Europe for datacenter investments, and fourth best in the world. Arcadis highlights Sweden’s great download speeds and energy security, as well as how the government works to make investments more attractive through substantial incentives.

“This is of course great news and further highlights why we believe so strongly that Sweden is just the right place to be right now. Not only is there an abundance of green energy and lots of available land, we have great energy security, it is easy to do business and we have best-in-class broadband connections," says Christoffer Svanberg, Chief Communications Officer at Node Pole.

The full list contains 50 countries ranked based on eight different data sets, including GDP per capita, price of electricity, domestic market size, mean download speeds and other important factors to consider before deciding where to invest. At the top three positions of the list are USA, Singapore and Japan. The often-discussed FLAP-D markets (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin) are ranked between 9 and 28 on the list, with France at the top and Ireland at the bottom.

“Choosing a good location for a new datacenter is critical in terms of optimizing return on investment. The availability and reliability of renewable energy sources, the ease of obtaining construction permits, the price of electricity, cybersecurity, data protection and privacy regulations, all of these things can differ significantly depending on where a facility is located,” says Erik Blokhuis, Global Account Management Officer at Arcadis.

The full report including the complete ranking can be downloaded here or by visiting Arcadis website.