Node Pole joins iMasons Climate Accord

Node Pole has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA). ICA is a historic coalition designed to govern a methodology to measure and reduce carbon in the infrastructure through products, power, and materials.

Together with leaders in the datacenter industry, including AWS and Meta, Node Pole has joined ICA in agreement that the key to achieving carbon neutrality is by uniting together. We believe that the only way forward for the industry in becoming truly climate neutral is to adopt an open standard to report carbon in data center power, materials and products and a maturity model to report participant progress.

We have joined the ICA as we believe that transparency and objective reporting is key to drive sustainability in the datacenter industry. We cannot allow actors to hide behind creative reporting methods or silence to avoid scrutiny, says Christoffer Svanberg, CEO of Node Pole.

The founding coalition companies will identify or establish an independent governing body to define the standard methodology for measuring carbon ensuring transparency. In doing so, the vision is to create a new methodology that will be widely adopted throughout the industry.

By adopting a standardized reporting format, we allow consumers, customers and suppliers to make informed decisions on who they wish to work with – and we believe the sentiment in the market is that those who do not comply to high sustainability standards will be losing their competitive advantage, Christoffer continues

The 6 key alignments of the ICA includes:

  • We are all aligned on carbon reduction
  • We need a common carbon accounting methodology
  • We need legitimacy to speak for the industry
  • Industry collaboration will compound our impact
  • Hyperscalers drive market behavior
  • Transparency is critical

We invite all our stakeholders to join us in the pledge to work together to reduce carbon in the digital infrastructure.


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