Australian EcoGraf signs land reservation agreement in Sweden


The Australian Diversified Battery Anode Materials Company EcoGraf has signed a land reservation agreement for an industrial site in the city of Skellefteå, in northern Sweden as a potential location for a European EcoGraf™ Battery Anode Material facility. This is confirmed by the company in a press release in August 2021.

The reservation agreement has been entered into with the local municipality for a 65,000 m2 site within Skellefteå Site East, which is one of Skellefteå’s main industrial areas. This region benefits from an abundant supply of clean, renewable energy with the lowest industrial power costs in Europe, an educated and skilled labour force and a nearby port for ready access to key battery and industrial markets across Europe.

The location of Skellefteå, Sweden is also where Northvolt is currently constructing its first gigafactory for large-scale green battery manufacturing.

”We are happy to see that the massive Northvolt investment is attracting interest from all over the world to become suppliers and share the advantages that Sweden offers in terms of safety and security, an excellent workforce and ability to scale with both available power and high-quality electricity that combines EU:s lowest total cost and lowest carbon emissions”, says Magnus Wikman, Chief Commercial Officer at Node Pole.

“We are also very glad that we at Node Pole, together with Skellefteå municipality and energy producer Skellefteå Kraft, could support Ecograf with important insights on important aspects of investment preparation,” continues Magnus Wikman.

“We look forward to the next steps,” says Andrew Spinks, Managing Director of EcoGraf.

About EcoGraf
EcoGraf’s vertically integrated battery anode material business is supporting the global transition to clean energy for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

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